In the world she knows,
Haro Koruna is nothing special.
…This isn’t her world anymore.

Haro and Nama enter places unknown…

The illustration above is a collaboration with background artist, Diogo Carneiro.

Meet Haro! An energetic, curious, and often mischievous young woman. Haro’s story begins on a train, traveling with her loving parents Erti (left), and Tsurra (right).

I worked closely with our project lead, Gwyn Conaway to make sure everything about Haro’s clothing has a functional and cultural purpose.

Check out Gwyn’s artwork and costume design here:

Haro went through many, sometimes sparkly, iterations before arriving at her current design.

Haro is always climbing, crawling, and running around. A natural athlete.

Of course, there are other passengers on the train. The game starts off at night, so most everyone is sound asleep, save for a few night owls.

Backgrounds courtesy of Amilton Macêdo

Further into the plot, Haro comes across Nama, a fractured spirit with mystical abilities. Who is this otherworldly being?

A rough draft of Haro's in-game death animation. I drew inspiration from Princess Mononoke and Akira.

Lacuna (2016 - 2017)

Production art for Lacuna.
A hand-drawn, traditionally-animated adventure game, created by artists for dreamers.

Lead Character Artist, Lead Animator
2016 – Present